Believe 🙏

God i put everything in you I trust your will. Although sometimes it hurts seeing someone soaring and seeing my swlf still at the bottom nevertheless i wont give up & stop dreaming..
To stop trying is a FAILURE…
You will never get it if you never try pushing it to the limit…
I know i can..
In jesus name i pray! AMEN!

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Music on my mind playing.. Ohh well!

Woke up one morning found a letter that he wrote
He said he’s tired that I’m always on the road
To hard to swallow being alone
He needs someone at night that he can hold
He must have told me a thousand times before
Silent cries he use to ignore
God knows I love him

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Trust him… Cause some delays are good ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

One thing that i’ve learned in this life is that not to envy someones life…
God said you should be contented for what kind of life he has given you because there’s no perfect life at all..
You might think or visual others life perfectly but im pretty much sure everyone has its own burden and struggles too..
You can consider others life is more beautiful and blessed compare to yours..
Its because life will never be equal. Nevertheless I am still thankful for everything..
I will forever be bless to have God in my heart…
for giving me a wonderful life and family…
Eating 3x a day..
A permanent home..
Healthy body..
A complete family
A good relationship..
Good friends and Good people
Those are the things why i feel blessed despite of my failures and struggles in life.. compare to other families who are broken and doesn’t have anything to eat for the day…
Others who are starving and desperatly striving to survive..
I wont envy’s others life simply because god has a better plan for me..
And i know it…
i’ve been experiencing so much delay regarding to my personal intentions but i believe some delays are good.. And i just have to keep my faith with god and keep going on..
I trust no one but you lord jesus..
I know sooner or later i will have it! I love you always..

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Burnout 😞

It’s sometimes hard not to question my self abilities..
It’s hard not to doubt..
I’m full of fears.
I’m so afraid what the future holds..
Sometimes no matter how much i exert effort to one important thing..
I still get the painful outcome..
How i wish life’s easy..
But disappointment is a part of life..
It’s always present everywhere..
We tend to encounter such thing everyday..
Little or big.. I’m pretty sure it could still affect your normal functioning.
I wanna learn to trust my self and have faith with God.
I need to pick up the pieces of my self esteem so i could establish confidence.
I wish it’s easy..
I don’t wanna fall apart..
This painful situation really gets the best of me…
In the past few months i’ve been so irritated on something that i don’t really know..
Maybe because i’ve been dealing into so much ups and downs…
Maybe i just miss doing my own thing.
Doing those things that really makes me happy..
I miss travelling..
I miss my adventures.
Where i find peace and appreciate how beautiful life is..

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RN title

God has given me the thought of choosing what i want..
I didn’t realize i will fall in love with this course.
God is so Good to allow me to see the beautiful things that nursing has..
God allowed me to embrace the profession that i took..
Im so lucky.. Lucky to choose and realize what i want..
Now i am very determined to get this RN title to pursue what i really want..
It’s gonna be a lifetime title that will be written on my last name…
(Lauren Ann P. San Andres, RN)
Isn’t it amazing?
104 days and counting till the Gold day 🙏😅
And then i’m one step closer to my dream.. ✈️✈️✈️
Bye bye Philippines…

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Follow your dreams ✈️

Dreaming high… Aiming high…
I know sooner or later i will leave the Philippines..
I gotta stick with my plan..
I know it’s a little sacrifice that will be worth it in the end..
I know i’m gonna make it..
I believe i can do it..
I trust God with all my heart..
He has a better plan waiting for me in the future…
I needed to sacrifice for the family.
I’m pretty sure they would understand..
That all the things i’ve been doing is all for them…
To give them a good life..
I just want to give them security in the future..
I didn’t say we dont have a good life here..
But there’s no such thing as permanent so i gotta strive hard..

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Random thoughts of mine

I really hate thinkin bout you…
All the beautiful things that you do..
I can’t stop not to look back to those beautiful things that we had..
I know that you will never comeback..
It hurts seeing you with someone else..
I need to ingest this painful reality..
Cause i still love you..
I didn’t stop loving you..
My heart shattered into pieces since the day you leave..
How could i forget everything about you when you’re still existing here inside my heart..
How could i move forward when my life is still stuck from where we started..

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It shows…

2 different worlds apart.. I wonder how the hell did we find love?
I hope you didn’t took it for granted..
Sometimes i think it was for granted..
I needed to hear that shit
Baby boo can give but he cannot take love..
Hate how you being so desensetized
Not considering what would i feel.
Does it count?
Ohh nah! I felt like it didn’t count
Hope we didn’t meet
Well f* yeah! For all th B***sh*t

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Feeling confused 💔

It’s sometimes necessary to make a clean break in order to build my self up again on new ground….
sometimes knowing when to leave is like knowing when to love…
Someday i’ll understand why… Questions that taunt me and trouble me will one day have heaven’s reply…

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Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

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