Heart and mind

In the first place i shouldn’t put my self in this place..
I had a lot of chance to break it but i still didn’t do it.
I thought i am totally matured about dealing things..
But weakness is always going to be my weakness..
How rude seeing my heart and mind struggling about decision making..
How i wish they have the ability to make one decision.
How long should it take for me to realize my mistake?
How many battle should i overcome for me to learn?
Kinda getting
tired of this bitter-sweet life of mine.
But im holding on because i believe i am a strong individual..
I still have this little hope that things will be alright..
Doing the right thing is the right thing to do.

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Anything new?

Tired of being taken for granted. I swear this is always been the f*ckin story of my life…

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A little hope

I just miss how it feels like to have a man who truly respect me..
The one who always want to see me smiling and always want me to be happy.. 😟😟
i know someday i would find you..
I know there would be someone that will appreciate my worth..

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I want my weakness to be my strength.. I dont wana to take anything for granted.. Everything is so important..

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Flat affect.

Im still keeping my hopes up.. That one day.. There will be good things to come.

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Ommm nom nom… Buffet for my 21st birthday :) food was bomb.

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Never gone.. Never changed..

Sad to know that one special person just stopped caring about you.

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Travel year 2015 ✈️

I think i will be reunited with my travels once again..✈️✈️
I love rewards…
I like it when i get something wonderful after working so hard..
I can’t wait for FEBRUARY..
It would be my very first time to experience “winter season”
It’s always a good thing to experience something new..
I can’t wait to explore the island of winter sonata and kimchi.. (Yay for that)🌸🌸🍁🍂🍥🍣
It’s actually one of my bucket list..
Winter or fall season..
It’ll be totally fine with me…
Hihi mommy! No more changing mind please cause i really look forward to it..
I can’t wait to wear my boots and winter clothes…
And then beach time for summer time!
Plans would be just here in the Philippines..
It’ll be in Boracay and El Nido Palawan (ohhh it’s another bucket list)
Well i’ve been to boracay last 2008 so it don’t get me excited anymore but i would love to go back of course!!
And then another bucket list..
Another island in the Philippines (El Nido Palawan)
Truly paradise..
I can’t wait to be there…
Cause i know how beautiful palawan is..
Lord!! Thank you for always giving me something to look forward to.. You know how much i love travelling..

Thank yoy for always giving me the opportunity to explore the beautiful world you created..
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Birthday feels like… 🎂🍰🎉🎊

Birthday is around the corner but i don’t see anything special with it…
Just like usual.. It’s like an ordinary day for me…
With lots of greetings and then that’s it.
Lord you know my birthday wish is just this ONE SPECIAL THING…
It’s my license.. You know how important that is to me..
That’s the only thing i am humbly asking for you…
I’m a bit afraid that despite of my efforts i still wont see a good outcome in the end..
But then i trust you lord Jesus..
I know i will be starting a wonderful year 2015..

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You know you’re a girl when you take selfie too much :)

You know you’re a girl when you take selfie too much :)

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